All Scholarship Opportunities - Here's the list!!!

Scholarship Opportunities!!

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Scholarship Opportunities!!
by Nancy Haughton - Monday, 28 January 2019, 10:14 AM

A Variety of grant and scholarship opportunities are available.

Due dates are approximate - be sure to read through each grant application carefully, and completely fill it out and return as directions require.

1. FA Davis Scholarship Application -  Deadline May


2. Freedom Village at Brandywine Scholarship

Employee Based must contact employer


3. Career Link - Chester County Residents must apply the 30 days prior to Level 4 (during Level 3).

May qualify to recieve some funds for Level IV.

                            CareerLink: 610-280-1010

                             479 Thomas Jones Way, Suite 500  Exton, PA, 19341

3. Harvey Thomas Loan - Open January 31-March 31



4. Horatio Alger Scholarship -  Opens March 15 (CTCE scholarship)



5. The Michaels Organization



6. PA-PNA Scholarship - Spring and Fall each year

7. PASFAA Scholarship Deadline May 1, 2018

8. Soroptimist Scholarship Apply July-November

9. WISP (no deadline but review takes 2 months)

10. Independence Blue Cross Grant    - Nurses for Tomorrow Grant
            Information sent out December or February each year; Mentor –Mentee, can reapply

11.  Martha Bohlayer Scholarship – from the Brandywine Health Foundation - Application due ~ March each year. The award is a $1,000 credit to the student’s tuition at the Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) Practical Nursing Program

Please note, the CCIU application has a separate on-line application, and the students need to log in using the code 9876.

Students can link to the application site here:


12.    Alma Newlin Educational Fund – from the Health and Wellness Foundation of Southern Chester County due ~ February

13. Nightingale Scholarship - due ~ January to April each year, copy and paste link in your browser:

14. Be sure to check with your place of employment to see if  they offer any  scholarships!