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As part of our commitment to keep your Moodle environment up to date and secure, we are reserving 10:00PM to 12:00AM each Wednesday night for routine system maintenance beginning September 21. Please plan your work accordingly to accommodate this maintenance window. If you find the site to be available during this time frame, please refrain from making changes or working on assignments, as you may be interrupted and could lose your work.

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Available courses

You will find assignments and activities for your clinical simulation days on this site. Please go to your level for this information.
Remember Clinical Simulation days start at 0730 and you are to report in your student uniform with the necessary equipment for the day (stethoscope/lab kit). If you are late, it counts as a clinical day lateness.

On this site, students will find specific information about Level I including class, clinical, school including driving directions to the various clinical sites

Fundamentals of Nursing is the foundation for future courses in the program. It covers the basic procedures and topics necessary to provide safe and quality nursing care.

Your body is an absolutely amazing machine. We are going to look closely at the body. We will learn about each of the ten body systems and how they work together to enable you to do everything that you can do. At the end of the course, I hope that you will have a greater appreciation and respect for your body.
This course introduces the student to Pharmacology and health care. Basic math skills as they apply to drug calculations are discussed, The student will learn the proper method of medication administration. It has a laboratory component to allow the student to practice with pharmacological skills. High standards of consumer and family related health care delivery and patient teaching are emphasized

This course introduces the new student to the learning environment as well as to nursing. Course topics include study skills, test taking strategies, stress management, nursing practice, nursing process, communication skills, culture and ethics in nursing.

On this site, students will find specific information about Level II including class, clinical, school including driving directions to the various clinical sites

Intro to Medical Surgical Nursing is a short one month course that covers drug classifications and introduction to IV therapy and calculation of drip rates in the first unit. The second unit covers diagnostic studies, the third unit is the surgical patient, and the last unit is the oncology patient. This course is a prerequisite to medical surgical nursing I, and must be passed with a 75 to proceed in the level.

Medical Surgical Nursing 1 is an exciting course, covering most of the important body systems that cause patients to have problems. The first unit covers the Blood/Lymph system, the second unit covers the Cardiovascular/Peripheral Vascular systems. Unit 3 is the Respiratory system, Unit 4 is the Gastrointestinal system. In Unit 5 we cover the Endocrine system and in Unit 6 the Skin. Unit 7 includes disorders of the Immune system. There are 6 unit exams and a comprehensive final exam. A passing grade of 75 is needed to progress to Level 3.

On this site, students will find specific information about Level III including class, clinical, school including driving directions to the various clinical sites

Obstetrics is the first part of Maternal Child Health Nursing. The course focuses on the normal aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium. Abnormal aspects of the childbearing period are also discussed. Students will have the opportunity to experience labor and delivery as well as the mother/baby unit as a clinical rotation.

Pediatric nursing focuses on growth and development of the child from birth until adolescence, adaptation of the child and family to illness, and disorders of body systems. Clinical experience will be obtained at Chester County Hospital. There are also several observational experiences you may also experience (school nurse, day care or the Head Start Program)

Medical Surgical Nursing 2 follows Med Surg 1 and has 4 units. Each unit is worth 20% and has a unit exam after the completion of the unit. Unit 1 covers the Reproductive system, unit 2 is the Musculoskeletal sytstem. Unit 3 discusses the Renal system and the Eye and Ear Unit is last. There is a comprehensive final exam at the end of the course.

This is an area where students can obtain specific information about Level IV of the practical nursing program

This course covers the areas of Psychiatric, Neurologic, Geriatric and Community Health Nursing as well as Graduate to Professional Nursing.

IV Therapy is a course taken in Level 4 that introduces the basic concepts of intravenous therapy. It covers legal responsibilities and complications of IV's, review of circulatory system and skin, fluid and electrolyte balance, IV equipment, pharmacology,and peripheral and central lines. It culminates in a return demo of starting an IV and drawing blood from a manikin in the lab.

The course covers concepts related to the transition from student to graduate to licensed professional excluding leadership concepts. Legal and ethical aspects of nursing are included.

This site will provide resources and information for the Educator and Nurse Volunteer Group (EN-V Group) at the Practical Nursing Program

The TEAS Test is required as part of the admission process into the Practical Nursing Program. This site is designed for either first time TEAS Test takers or for persons who would like to achieve a higher score. The site will discuss study skills and test taking strategies to enhance success as well as review basic math skills and reading comprehension. Resources will also be provided for those who would like additional assistance.